It is our responsibility to bring quality firefighting products closer to our customers. It is in this spirit that SNOWBALL (K) LTD has signed dealership with various supplies from

The recognized brands which includes:

  • GST (UK) – for Supply of Fire Alarm Systems
  • HOCHIKI – for the supply of Fire Alarm Systems
  • SPERONI (ITALY) – for Supply of Booster Pumps
  • DAB (ITALY) – for the supply of Booster Pumps and High pressure pumps
  • SSP (USA) – for the supply of Sprinkler and High Riser System’s Pumps
  • DAVIS & SHIRTLIFF (KENYA) – for the supply of small booster Fire pumps
  • TOHATSU PUMPS (JAPAN) – for Portable Fire Pumps
  • FIREGUARDS (MALAYSIAN) – for the supply of Fire Extinguishers & Hose Reels
  • PRI-SAFETY (CHINA) – for the supply of Fire Extinguishers and other accessories
  • PRO-SAFETY (KOREA) – for the supply of CCTv and Access Control Systems


Suppression Systems

SNOWBALL (K) LTD distribute, designs, installs and supplier fire suppression systems to

The market and currently is the market leader with a national network of clients ranging

From banks, government entities, major NGOs and small businesses within the CBD. We

Specialize in the following systems:

  • CO2-based Suppression Systems
  • Foam-based Supression Systems
  • FM-200 Products
  • Halon 1301
  • Industrial Dry Chemical Products
  • Novec 1230
  • Pre-Action Sprinklers
  • Inert Agents


General Fire & Safety Products

Over the years we have continued to define the fire service industry in Kenya and continue

To do this by making sure that we meet every customer’s demands. It is in this essence

That we offer general safety products. Our safety product ranges from the following


  • Delivery hoses
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Standalone smoke detectors
  • Manual Alarm systems
  • Fire tunics
  • Head gears
  • Gloves


Safety Training & Fire Drills

In order to ascertain the mission of creating awareness on fire safety and security issues,

We have registered with major regulating authorities to offer quality and authenticated

Safety training services which include:

  • Fire Marshals trainings
  • Employee Fire Awareness Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training

All these training are approved by Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety Services (DOSHS) and National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).


Detection and Alarm Systems

  • Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems (Early Warning
  • System).
  • Supply, Installation and Maintenance of C.C.Tv Systems.
  • Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Access Control Systems.
  • Wiring of the above referred systems
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