Snowball (K) Ltd was registered on 22/10/93 through a legal structure that saw it change from Snowball Fire Protection Ltd to its present outfit owing to the expansion and the dynamics of its operations. It was a coincidence that Snowball Fire Protection Ltd was established and registered in 1972 just at the time the Factories Act Chapter 514 was revised.

Snowball (K) Ltd has been instrumental in education and creating awareness on disasters as an essential implementation of United Nations Environmental Program’s APELL process (Awareness and Preparedness to Emergencies at the Local Level).

Our personnel have played an important role in disasters such as the Kyanguli Fire Tragedy, St. Kizito’s Fire Tragedy, the 1998 August Bomb Blast, the Nyamakima House Collapse, and the recent fires in Nairobi’s Industrial Area and Town Areas.

We believe in Feed – Forward Emergency and Contingency Planning that spells that, it is better to prevent disasters when you have the opportunity and time to do so than extraneously get engaged in post disaster relief efforts-that are expensive.

It is for this reason, Snowball (K) Ltd has seen the need to expand its programs in Fire Fighting Technology, House Keeping Policy and Early Detection Systems, Emergency Medical Training, First Aid, Auditing and carrying out Safety and Health Surveys as a way of mitigating and preparing entities against the impact of disasters. Our consulting team
consists of professionals in all aspects of Disaster Management Cycle (Mitigation,
Preparedness and Response to both Natural and Technological Disasters).


Provide quality and appropriate hardware, offer hazard specific training, survey and audit entities’ levels of vulnerability to potential hazards and their capacity to respond (Vulnerability Capacity Assessment) in a way that can pre-empt or mitigate their adverse impact to tenants/occupiers, their visitors and property.



To see a nation empowered and enabled through Installation of proper and effective Fire Prevention, Detection and Fire Fighting Equipment, undertaking Education, creating Awareness and Training staff on how to Mitigate, Prepare and properly Respond to Fire Incidences.

  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Compassion
  • Integrity

Strategic Goals

The overall institutional goal for SNOWBALL (K) LTD is stated as “Creation of sustainable wealth for economic empowerment” The following are the strategic goals that we will be pursuing to achieve the institutional goals over the 3-year plan period:
1. Creating efficient systems and effective process for service delivery.
2. Increase productivity and volume of business within existing portfolios
3. Institutional Capacity Building
4. Institutional branding for visibility
5. Research and Products Development
6. Streamlining Fiscal Resources

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